Cricketers arms lager


image“Cricketers Arms Lager is brewed longer to deliver an extra dry lager that is full bodied and refreshing beer.
Made with sun dried Australian malt, Cricketers is infused with Amarillo hops, imparting an intriguing citrus character to the aroma and flavour.
Cricketers Arms is brewed to enjoy icy cold!”

Not a whole lot to be said about this beer. We have noticed it on the shelves many times before but haven’t really been enticed enough to have a crack. Until now. Served in a shaker glass the clear golden amber pour doesn’t yield much head as it quickly falls away to patchy foam on top. Mild lacing. The nose offers standard lager characteristics- mainly sweet malts, grain, hops and corn. The use of Amarillo hops is a good touch with some bright citrus notes coming forward but essentially it’s a very simple aroma. The mouth feel is slightly soapy with medium carbonation. Pretty light on with mild body. The flavour kicks off with soft bitter hops and earthy grain. The mid-palate literally drops away and leaves an unpleasant dry, stale finish. It’s obvious this beer is brewed for long sessions because there isn’t a great deal of flavour and the 4.6% ABV supports that. Look, if we were sitting at the SCG and watching the Aussies smash the Poms then it wouldn’t be too bad but to sit and think about the flavours doesn’t do it much good. Average lager at best.