Deeds ‘To Build A Fire’ BA Imperial Stout


“Now that you are out in the fray, the true test of survival begins. As the cold creeps in, don’t rest your eyes, don’t close them, and absolutely do not fall asleep. You need to find something to warm you up. This Imperial Stout has been aging in Bourbon Barrels for 12 months and might be exactly what you need. Generous additions of cacao and hazelnut have shaped a flavour in this dark, viscous liquid that is both deep and rich, with intense notes of everything delectable including that sweet, sweet bourbon. Drink Fresh or maybe just hold onto it for when you wake up…”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: She’s an ominous-looking beast. Like engine oil with a short dark brown head which quickly collapsed. Nice wavy lace despite the lack of head retention.

Aroma: Oh my Lord is that is good! We once saw someone say that Once More Into The Fray was akin to BCBS…we think this one could very easily stack up against it. That deep seated Bourbon along with the damp oak, toffee and spice marries together with the base Stout in truly perfect matrimony. Also, where is the burn?! Where is any flicker of the almost 15% ABV? That is outrageous!

Flavour: Ok we found the burn. But honestly it’s so well integrated into the rest of the beer that it’s quickly forgotten about. And much like the aroma the Bourbon/barrels, toffee and spice merge with the ultra rich molasses, espresso, dark chocolate and leather to create this absolute flavour sensation. It finishes like it starts – with style. And a slight sting in the tailĀ ?

Mouthfeel: Dense, oily and warming. There’s a slight fizz on the tongue which we’re liking. Full bodied. As mentioned already the 14.9% ABV can be found…quite easily.

Overall: Very much like BCBS just without the finishing polish and finesse. The mere fact we’re comparing it to a beer of that calibre speaks volumes anyway. Top shelf stuff.