Deschutes ‘pine drops ‘ IPA


imageThis brew from the decent Deschutes brewery from Oregon, like walking through one of the pine forests close to the brewery. The dominant pine and spruce aroma is evident, along with the use of nugget, Equinox, chinook, Northern brewer, and centennial hops.

Pouring a clear, almost crystal colour, there is a nice foamy, almost sticky white head that leaves clumps on the glass. Moderate retention noted. There is some carbonation evident. The aroma is exactly what they say..pine, grapefruit, lemon rind. There is a definite herbal, almost vegetable aroma too from the hops, alongside some citrus. First sip is definately bitter. We thought an IBU of around 70-80. Definate grapefruit, pine needle, and lemon are very dominant. Tastes similar to the hop hunter from Sierra Nevada. You get a decent length on the palate from the bittering hops. Maybe a hit of citrus also but the bitterness is the backbone here. There is a mild malt here to note, similar to a Pilsner or lager. No real hit of alcohol here despite a moderate 6.5%. There is a bit of carbonation in the mouth. If your a lover of bitterness in your beer, then this drop is for you. If you are after more malt and fruit flavour, steer clear.