Dieu du Ciel ‘Aphrodisiaque’ Stout


imageWe have tried this stout before, and believe us if we were in the right shape to review on it back then, it would have been an easy 5/5. So here we go, let’s see if our palate has changed.

Served in a beer tulip the opaque black pour produced a thin brown head that collapsed instantly leaving hardly any head or lacing. A vigorous twirl of the glass arouses some foam but it subsides almost instantly. The aroma is just how we remember it – rich, chocolatey, creamy and slightly boozy. Immediately the big malty wafts of cocoa and chocolate tantalise the olfactory’s. Explore deeper into this mysterious beauty and rich hints of molasses, marmite, charcoal and burned wood are brilliantly balanced out by a subtle and creamy addition of vanilla. Just superb. In the mouth it feels smooth with an oily texture. Mildly carbonated. Full body. Upfront, an explosion of malted, roasted and bitter flavours descend on the palate with chocolate, vanilla and subtle coffee bean dominating. A malty presence of cocoa through the mid is followed by a rich, roasted finish with exceptional duration on the tongue. So impressive, and exactly how we remembered it. 6.5% ABV is modest, yet exposes itself at the right times. Just a perfect stout, there aren’t many better than this. The only other stout on this level that we can think of is the breakfast stout by Founders brewing. Absolutely brilliant beer.