Ekim Viking IPA


image“This beer makes a huge flavour impact without being too heavy a brew. Despite the wall of tropical fruit aromas you need to head-but your way through to take a sip, the mouthful is medium bodied and refreshing. The bitterness is sharp and clean with a medium-high carbonation emphasising the piquancy. However, the resiny character to the hops, brilliant citrus and passion fruit notes and the subtle caramel malt takes the edge off the bite. The 6.2% alcohol content is barely detectable with only the slightest boozy prickle. The perfect sessional beer.”

Wow. What a really good IPA we have here. Served in an IPA glass and pouring a coppery hue with a minimal head. Not too much fizz. The aroma is divine..a lovely butterscotch sweetness comes to mind. It reminds us of those lollies. Resinous hops, pine, muted grapefruit and some stone fruits represent the hops. Lovely caramel malts with so much sweetness. Not too much bubble in the mouth at all for an IPA. There is the nice hit of hops on the back palate (American hops), but somewhat subdued. 6% alc vol is evident in this brew as it is such a smooth beer. This is the beauty of this IPA. So well balanced between the sweet and bitter. The buttery, caramel malts and the fruity American hops used are a perfect match. We think this IPA is easily challenging the feral hop hog for a gold medal. Usually IPA s are not this sessionable, but this brew is the opposite. It is a great beer, brewed in Australia, and we think this is a must try for any craft beer lover. Brilliant beer!