El Segundo X Riip ‘No Comply’ West Coast IPA


“When two diehard West Coast IPA lovin’ breweries get together, you brew a killer West Coast IPA that’s as clear as a summer sky! Our Beer Bros. Riip have been killin’ it and we are pumped to brew this IPA that goes against what people tell us is a dying breed. Much like the Hop Monster on the label, drawn by local surf artist Damian Fulton, we will stay true to ourselves and keep on brewin’ what we love most.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: A lot lighter in colour than anticipated. It pours almost like a Saison – bright gold with a mild haze and a fluffy two finger head which maintains its shape. Healthy lace sticks to the glass as it subsides.

Aroma: First thoughts are very underwhelming. It seems way too muted for a sub 7% West Coast IPA. Very subdued hints of herbal spice, dried lemongrass, yellow grapefruit, wood chips, lemon verbena, pine needle and ganja. Putting it’s lack of intensity aside the upside is that it does have the hallmark aromas of a classic WC IPA. It could just do with a lot more oomph.

Flavour: There is a slight step up here, which was crucial really. It kicks off with an assertive hop bitterness followed by a delicate assortment of citrus, slightly pithy rind, pine needle and a dry woody malt profile. It all gets a little muddled through the mid then again, lands on a rather underwhelming finish which does draw out with nice hints of herbals, citrus and woody notes.

Mouthfeel: A little flat and soapy with a hearty bitterness post swallow. Moderate body. 6.8% ABV is nicely poised.

Overall: We can’t work out what the go is here. It pours light AF with a bit of haze, it’s got a withdrawn aroma, a half decent flavour profile and an average mouthfeel?! Packaged 26/7/21 so it’s not all that old. It’s just so clunky and confusing. Not impressed.