Evil Twin Brewing ‘Molotov Lite’ Imperial IPA


12068394_441445919372892_5254480754081178093_o“Back in the days, only uncomplicated and tasteless beers existed and people started feeling bored before happy hour was up. Molotov Lite is a understated tour de force in rebellious hoppiness, it’s a subtle spark for action and yet by far one of the most anti-authoritative beers ever made by Evil Twin Brewing.”

Although we haven’t actually reviewed this beer’s bigger and badder brother (Molotov Cocktail). This “Lite” IPA still weighs in at a hefty 8.5% ABV. I guess when we compare it to 13% it does seem much lighter. Served from a pint-sized can in to an IPA glass. The somewhat cloudy amber pour generates a fluffy two finger head that steadily reduces to a light, filmy overlay with wavy lace patterns clinging to the walls of the glass as it recedes. As we mentioned in our last review of an American-brewed IPA, this hunch that we’re getting that U.S breweries are trying to buck the trend in terms of hops used is becoming stronger. The shift away from hops that produce aromas such as grapefruit, mango and passion fruit are now being replaced with hops that offer vinous aromas like eucalyptus leaf, dank pine resins, lemon soda, rock melon, apricot and orange peel. We can’t say we’re happy to see it happen but we are all for discovering exciting new flavours and aroma’s. The mouth feel is surprisingly smooth for an IPA of this size. A slight warming of the mouth is more spread out than acute, brought on with a spicy hint of white pepper. Co2 is moderate and the body is medium. Upfront is this suggestion of dank resinous pine along with grapefruit and caramel malts. A slightly sharp alcohol burn cameo’s through the mid as a smooth malt sweetness finishes it off. The hop bitterness reappears on the rear palate and shows some good length. Look, it’s not a life changing beer but it certainly has the traits of a big, hoppy and bitey IPA. Not bad, but we’ve had better.