Founders brewing co. dry hopped pale ale


image“A testament to Cascade hops in a bottle, this medium-bodied pale ale has refreshing citrus notes and a distinctive floral hop aroma due to the aggressive addition of hops during fermentation. You’ll notice a slight malty sweetness with a balanced hop finish. Perfect to enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

This is our first crack at this brewery and from the first sip we know this will definitely not be our last. Served in a shaker glass it pours a deep gold with a 1 inch white cap that settles to a thin filmy head that leaves thick spotted lacing. This dry hopped pale ale has the hallmarks of a light IPA with its strong presence of West Coast-style ‘C’ hops on the nose. Generously floral with wafts of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin being pulled back by the caramel malt backing. The mouth feel is smooth and a little dry with medium carbonation. Good body, with an unusually low IBU (35). Straight away from the flavour we’re enjoying an assertive hop bitterness like any good IPA would, but that gradually subsides and the more mellow, fruity and malty flavours you would expect from a pale ale show through. Plenty of piney, grassy notes are left on the palate to finish off a very well rounded pale ale. At 5.4% ABV we will go out on a limb and say it’s a sessional beer. Good start to this brewery. We loved it.