Frenchie’s Brewery Kolsch


25550192_788431741340973_8853537171462504594_n“Kölsch is a refreshing classic beer from the German city of Cologne, where our head brewer Vince used to study. This one is largely inspired from his favourite, the Mühlen Kölsch at Heumarkt, Cologne. It is brewed with the finest noble hops, blending there flavours with gentle malt notes and a delicate fruitiness from fermentation, it finishes clean and dry.”

Served in a footed flute. Crystal clear and light straw golden in appearance. It constructs a short bubbly head which collapsed and struggled to produce much lace as we go.
The nose is dry, grainy, bready and a little spicy with a delicate citrus zing cutting through. Picking up an interesting herbal undertone that is reminiscent of green tea and vines. Some very subtle hints of DMS/corn but ultimately it’s a nice, clean and summery aroma.
The flavour profile doesn’t steer too far off course. The front palate is grainy and a touch spicy with bread crusts and delicate herbal notes. A mild dryness opens up around the mid with a semi sweet malt character developing late. It finishes clean, crisp and spicy with floral pot pourri notes on the rear.
Super light and crush-able in the mouth. It holds a nice moderate weight with a mild bitterness (25 IBU) around the edges. Good co2.
We love a well brewed kölsch and this one hits the spot. It’s got those lovely spicy noble hop features with a light bready/grainy malt structure. She’s light on, approachable and full flavoured as well. Kudos Frenchies that’s a decent drop.