Grassy Knoll Coffee Brown Ale


“We’ve teamed up with fellow locals – Abstract coffee to create this wintery little number. Generous additions of single origin – Ethiopian Guji coffee beans added late in the fermentation. Doing this imparts all of the delicious coffee flavour and aroma without the added bitterness you get from brewing the coffee with heat.
We think it’s the perfect blend between a Single-O cold brew and a classical old school brown ale. The result leaving you with a discerning confusion on where your morning cuppa finishes and your afternoon bevvie begins.”

Glassware: English Pint.

Appearance: Mahogany with a thumb of finely beaded tan foam. The head holds its shape and works a fine lace down the glass.

Aroma: Pow! The vigorous coffee finds its way to every corner of the olfactory’s. It’s like sticking your shnozz into a bag of coffee beans. It ties in so well with the conventional brown ale characters as well – nutty and slightly toasty malts, milk chocolate, treacle and toffee fudge. Jeez I don’t think we’ll be sleeping tonight!

Flavour: Not as much intensity as the aroma but still packing a strong coffee punch with hints of burnt milk, roasty malts, chocolate and cocoa in support. The coffee continues through to the finish and lingers for an eternity. Can’t say we’re complaining though!

Mouthfeel: Body holds up alright. A bit more density would be good but it’s still sufficient. Smooth creamy texture, finely carbonated. The well disguised 5.8% ABV is the winner here.

Overall: Very respectable. We’ve heard little about this gypsy brewer from Bondi but this corker certainly puts them on the map. Diggin it.