Hawkers ‘Nostalgic Tones’ India Brown Ale


“Crack this can, pour it in a glass and let the sultry brown hue reminiscent of a bygone era tickle your retinas.  A luscious hybrid between a toffee-laden malt backbone and hop-centric aromatics deliver a beer that’s rich in character and modern in style.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Kind of a muddy light brown number with a fluffy two finger head forming on top. Good retention and healthy lace sticking to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: As a style we really dig India Brown Ales…they land somewhere between an American Brown Ale and a black IPA and usually show traits of both. Straight off the bat we get the sweet and semi-rich malts displaying the classic toffee/caramel, nutty and milk chocolate with the piney, citrusy and mildly floral hops equally up to the task. The most gentle of additions of toasted coconut from the Sabro hops too.

Flavour: It has literally been flipped around and we love it when the brewers manage to do this as the hops are now doing most of the talking with their nice punchy bitterness upfront and piney, slightly citrusy and woody accents coming in over the semi sweet toffee and nutty malts. This tussle then sets up for a beautifully balanced finish with a delicate roasty-ness drawing out.

Mouthfeel: A little dry, creamy, a good touch of bitterness in the swallow. Co2 is perfectly positioned and the 7% ABV is well concealed.

Overall: A very fine offering from Hawkers. Excellent balance between the hops and malts but not only that’s it’s very all tidy and in tune. Diggin this one.