Hitachino white ale


Hitachino white ale“A refreshing mildly hopped Belgian styled beer with a complex flavor of coriander, orange peel, nutmeg. White Ale has won gold medals at several beer competition in U.K. and U.S. This is one of HITACHINO’s top-selling beers both in Japan and U.S.”

This is a decent little micro-brewery coming out of Kiuchi, Japan. Speaking from experiences, if this is anything like their espresso stout then we’re in for a treat. Served in a weizen glass the milky, straw-yellow pour produced a white 1 inch head that settles to a decent covering on top. Good lacing. Off the nose we immediately detect a little funky sourness. A saison-style acidity takes over offering hints of citrus rind, lemon and refreshing herbs while subtle undertones of spice finish it off. Not bad, a good depth on offer here. The mouth feel is silky smooth with mild-medium carbonation. Medium body. Really light on upfront with a distinct herbal character that blends well with a hint of nutmeg. Citrus rind and wheat malts move forward and deliver a zesty finish with lingering hints of sugar coated orange and spice. Good duration on the tongue, the light lingering sweetness begs for another sip. 5.5% ABV is very well hidden. This is a pretty good attempt at a Witbier. It’s never an easy task outdoing the Belgians at one of their specialties but credit to this brewery for sticking to their style and not being content with a carbon copy beer.