Hop dog beer works ‘red rum’ raspberry wheat beer


imageWell what a curiosity-provoking beer we have here! Without telling the full story, the brewer begun with a standard wheat beer and fermented fresh raspberries in the rum barrels and combined the two to produce a really interesting-arousing beer in all aspects.

As always, the characteristic green cap is popped and poured into a weizen glass. Pours a very unique golden-yellow with a deep pink hue, almost looks like a Rekorderlig cider in the glass. Very effervescent, streams of bubbles rise up to the good one and a half finger head that peels off to a collar with average lacing. The nose offers lots of tart raspberries and forest fruits. We certainly get a bit of vanilla and oak coming through that offsets the sourness quite well. Maybe an undertone of Kahlua to add to this aroma’s complexity. Very nice. In the mouth it’s frothy with relatively high carbonation levels. Mild-medium body. A surge of carbonation upon entry is followed by a slight alcohol (6.2%) warmth and tart flavours of raspberry and fruits. Following on from the aroma we also taste muddled fruits and rum with hints of woody oak and creamy vanilla developing through the mid. Finishes tart and dry with reasonable length. It’s bottle conditioned so either give it a roll on it’s side or watch your pour. We have to hand it to Tim, he does like to brew some really crafty beers, and this one lives up to the name. Really different and actually quite tasty this one here. Decent offering.