Hunter beer co. ‘Denise’ French Saison


1551728_221451184705701_1983711769_nTried this flavoursome Saison in a tasting paddle at the brewery in the Hunter Valley. Pours a cloudy straw yellow with a thin filmy head on top. Good retention and OK lacing. The aroma displays elements of a wheat ale with barnyard hints of banana, clove, wheat, lemon and esters. Maybe a slight hint of smoke in here too. Mildly carbonated with a slightly creamy mouth feel. Quite light on the palate, it showed plenty of tartness, banana and clove with mild estery hints and yeast in the mid-palate. Finishes smoky with a bizarre hint of smoked ham? Good length, lingering notes of fruits blend surprisingly well with the smokiness. To sum up it’s a well balanced and tasty Saison. 8.2% ABV is very well hidden considering it’s strength. This is only a seasonal release on tap here guys so get down to the brewery and try one before it goes. Well worth it.