Kereru Brewing ‘AT-AT’ Imperial Pilsner


17201250_656125421238273_1243508612746458342_n“Imperial At-At Pilsner is a huge beer and dangerously smooth drinking. Perfectly balanced between malt and hops, with intense notes of bitter and sweet. Serve at 8-10°C.”

Served in a footed flute glass. This absolute beast of a pilsner pours a bright golden hue with remarkable clarity. It generates a short white head that retains well as it works a healthy lace down the walls of the glass.
Surprisingly discreet on the nose. Not getting a great deal of traditional pilsner elements but what we are uncovering are hints of juicy white grapes, astringent alcohol, herbs, floral hops, pepper and some really strange scent that comes off a bit like glazed pear. Points for its unique character but it’s definitely a bit out there.
The mouth feel is somewhat light with moderate Co2. Very warming with a direct burn that gradually intensifies in the swallow. A bit of hoppy bitterness creeping in, accentuating the booze in the process. Ooph…Not a lot of balance here but we guess at 10.2% ABV that wouldn’t be easy.
Gee wizz the front palate cops an absolute thrashing with astringent booze and a sweet honeyed malt. The middle also gets the same treatment with little else coming through. It only gets worse too…by the time it finished it tastes like we’ve just sipped on pure methylated spirits.
Terrible. There’s a point where you push the ABV to in some styles and I think we just went way past the threshold here. We don’t see the point in brewing a beer so strong that it literally cancels out any other possible flavour in the beer. We hate to say it but this is a drain pour. Awful.