Kereru Brewing ‘For Even Greater Justice’ Imperial Coconut Porter


17191198_656127997904682_1882639898195718245_n“For Even Greater Justice, Imperial Porter (8.5%ABV) is the big brother of our popular 4.5% For Great Justice, Toasted Coconut Porter.¬†Intense & chewy with bold notes of wood-fired toasted coconut, bitter chocolate, & mellow maltines.”

Served in a snifter glass. Black appearance with some very faint deep mahogany edges. It constructs a thumb of fizzy brown foam that reduced to a collar. It posts a nice set of rings as we indulge.
The nose is erupting with beautiful and rich aromas that include roasted coconut flakes, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, subtle coffee and just the slightest hint of oak. It’s interesting though because it doesn’t say it’s barrel aged. Either way it smells like a liquefied bounty bar in our glass. There’s also an uncanny resemblance to Bacchus’s Lamingtonne (imperial lamington beer).
In the mouth it’s surprisingly smooth and accommodating. The 8.5% ABV is hidden and drinks well under its weight. Mild Co2, medium body.
The flavour profile boasts a delicious and somewhat creamy coconut with vanilla, chocolate and a hint of roasted malt at the forefront. As it warms the very subtle alcohol becomes more discernible, accentuating the mildly bitter chocolate notes in the process. Toasty coconut flakes, chocolate, cocoa and traces of coffee return for the well drawn out finish.
Tell you what it’s invigorating to come back to an excellent beer after that disaster of an imperial pilsner. As we mentioned previously it’s very similar to Bacchus’s lamingtonne so if you’ve had that and loved it (as we did) then you’re surely going to love this. Solid offering.