Knee Deep Brewing ‘Simtra’ Triple IPA


imageWe are enormous fans of this brewery. The quality and consistency of IPA that is produced is simply top shelf. This bad boy has no information on the bottle label so we just have to progress to drinking it straight away. Half our luck huh 🙂

Poured into a shaker glass we get a light orange coloured body which is cloudy when held to the light. A nice 10mm white head retains well, with tightly jammed carbonation. Wafts of grapefruit citrus, orange, sweet caramelised malts, dank pine resin, and a spicyness like inhaling white pepper. First sip is immense. Very powerful puckering bitterness washes over the palate. Almost too much. We can see on the bottle the IBU is 131!?! We thought the human palate struggled to detect anymore bitterness past 100. This is ridiculous. The overwhelming interaction of grapefruit and lemon bitterness with the booze burn of 11.25% Alc volume drowns out a lot of other flavours. We may need to warm up this beer. The spicyness really sits on the back palate well after each sip. We get subdued toasted malts, almost Jatz cracker like, and maybe some tangerine. Let’s be clear though, the balance of this brew is flipping amazing. Despite the full brick-like mouth feel and body, the malt sits lightly in background allowing the Simcoe and Citra hops to really shine. As the brew warms closer to room temperature, the alcohol burn dies away and it becomes unbelievably smooth for 11.25%. Just dank resin with toasty malt and maybe vanilla? Once again, Knee Deep Brewery have produced a corker. No wonder it’s 99/100 on