Last Rites Brewing Co. ‘Love Country’ Tasmanian IPA


18581546_695599257290889_896131689292531979_n“An IPA inspired by tropical afternoons spent lounging around the hotel pool while sipping away at a Pina Colada. Liberal use of Nelson Sauvin hops gives a big fruit salad character while the pale malt base is complemented by the late addition of toasted coconut to the boil adding a creaminess and subtle coconut character with a lingering bitterness.”

Served in an IPA glass. Pouring a somewhat cloudy apricot hue with a healthy three finger head over the top. Steady reduction, weaving a thick and blotchy lace as it ebbs.
The aroma is quite fruity with a creamy accent to it. Picking up a mild coconut but it’s a little obscure. Very tropical, as noted on the can, with direct pineapple, faint hints of Malibu rum and a candied lime note flowing through. Maybe a hint of mango and papaya getting a look in as well. Building nicely.
It offers a nice progression over the tongue – beginning with a creamy texture that welcomes a subtle yet lovely boost of Co2. Certainly not an aggressive IBU but it’s nonchalant in its late delivery of dryness. Medium body.
Points for hitting their mark of a pina colada style IPA, definitely tasting the creamy pineapple, mango and coconut with that fleeting hint of island rum on the edges. Nice fruity center that leads in to a dry, bitter finish revealing a lick of bitter citrus on the rear.
We’ll admit that this is not what we were expecting. To be honest we didn’t realise it was a take on a pina colada until we got a nose full of the creamy coconut and tropical fruits – far from what we expected from a brewery residing in cold old Tassie. Although on that note…well done for offering an exciting, unique and unexpected beer. Decent.