Leffe ‘radieuse’ Belgian strong ale


Leffe radieuse“Leffe Radieuse is an amber-coloured beer, rich in flavour and deliciously refined. Its complex taste is particularly enjoyed by true connoisseurs”.

This beer is a staple. For any craft beer enthusiast, if you haven’t yet wrapped your lips around one of these beauties go out and do yourself a favour and try one. Served in a beer tulip the deep ruby red pour produced a pillowy 1 and a half finger head that retains well. Good lacing. The nose is gleaming with slightly tart berries, esters, caramel, candy, cherry and raisin. The mouth feel is slightly frothy with medium carbonation and full body. Upfront there is a lovely malt sweetness with a candy-like element, namely flavours such as raspberry, cherry and strawberry combine with a complex presence of warming alcohol and sugary raisin. The mid-palate produces a soft spicy profile while the finish boasts a zesty and slightly earthy character that leaves a nice touch of alcohol warmth sitting on the tongue. At 8.2% ABV there is a subtle astringency but the flavours going on marry together so well that you don’t even realize. Brilliant example of Belgian Abbey brewing. Well contained sweetness and candi sugars with a firm malt backbone. Delicious!