Lindemans Framboise


“A clean natural tasting brew with undertones of fresh raspberries and a wonderful aroma.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Kinda hard to call it. It’s a deep purple-ish sangria looking number with a wispy deep pink coloured head. Some spotty lace sticks as we imbibe.

Aroma: Smells almost exactly the same as the Kriek we reviewed last week. Apple and blackcurrant juice with lashings of raspberry pulp, macerated cherry, strawberry and dry woody oak. Very delicate hints of vanilla, Ribena and even a trace of red grape juice in the mix. Very interesting beers these Belgian fruited Lambics.

Flavour: We’d have to admit this is pretty delicious…in a slightly sour, slightly boozy fire engine sense. It’s just straight up raspberry juice with a very faint sourness which all but disappears by the mid palate. Faint oak characters, mixed berries and currants too but it practically finishes how it starts… raspberry and more raspberry.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, a little frothy but ultimately light and refreshing. Only 2.5% so you could drink 6 of these and still be good to drive!

Overall: If we had to choose between this and the Kriek we’d be reaching for this. It seems to have more going on plus there was a bit more of a finish to it. Good for the novelty factor but we can’t see ourselves returning any time soon.