Mata brewery ‘brown boy’ amber ale


Mata brewery brown boy amber ale“We’ve blended 7 specialty malts to bring luscious caramel, toffee like malty characteristics balanced with a refreshing hop flavour and aroma, medium biterness and a dash of pepper from NZ’s indigenous horopito.”

First thing that struck me about this beer was a real reddish,dark colour to it. Almost a blend between an amber and a dark ale. We actually really enjoyed this beer, it was full bodied and along with the caramel, toasty malt and crisp hop flavors married together with toffee and hoppy aroma we definitely think its a must try. It sits at a standard 5% ABV so it’s almost sessional, but with the surprising amount of hops we think a 6 pack would be the better option. A quality amber brown ale by the kiwi lads at Mata. Choice brew.