Matilda bay ‘Minimum chips’ golden lager


imageYou will usually see us giving Matilda bay a little flack for selling out to a bigger parent company, but we have to stop and think, hey these guys still brew some pretty good beers, and the upside is…when you are forced to enter that run down pub with a selection of tap beer you could only ever groan at, the matilda bay beers are there to shine a little light on the situation. This is usually one of those beers.

We served this bottled version in a mug. Very clear and translucent pour generates a tightly packed 1 finger head that reduces to a 5mm crown. The head retains well and omits a healthy lace trail down the glass. Very stock standard lager aroma here. Corn chips, whole grains, mild citrus, stone fruit and toast is all we can really get off of it. The mouth feel isn’t too bad it actually has some weight to it. The texture is slightly oily with mild-medium carbonation. Medium body. The flavour is to be expected…sweet bready malts from beginning to end with a little cameo of fruity hops in the mid and a light hop bitterness to finish. 4.7% ABV is on par. Look, it’s nothing more than a lightly crafted lager. In its defence, we usually despise lagers but this one was bearable, and if put in that situation, could session on this all arvo. If that’s any consolation.