Mikkeller beer geek breakfast stout.


mikkeller_beerGeekBreakfastDid someone just say breakfast stout? Don’t mind if we do. When your misses has a go at you for cracking a beer at 8:30 in the morning, well now you have an excuse. It has all the ingredients you need for a champions breakfast…coffee, oats and chocolate!

Served in a beer tulip the dense black pour produces a generous light tan cap. Good head retention, eventually settling to a neat covering on top. Fine lace. From the first whiff we are instantly elevated as the rich espresso bitterness, roasted chocolate malts, oatmeal, licorice and hints of smoke come forward. Great choice of hops (Centennial & Cascade) but they are well buried in this lusty stout. Brilliant aroma. In the mouth it feels quite creamy and full bodied with mild-moderate carbonation. Upfront the high(ish) alcohol content (7.5%) slightly warms the mouth but after a few more sips it mellows out and the coffee and roasted malts kick in. The 7 different malts (pils, oat, smoked, caramunich, brown, pale chocolate and chocolate) explain the complex, heavy malt flavour through the mid as the slightly bitter and roasted finish lasts a lifetime on the tongue. Great length. The palate begs for another sip. Top shelf stout, just watch the sediment though as this baby is bottle conditioned. Tip. It’s not called a breakfast beer for nothing, try before midday 🙂