Modus Operandi ‘Silent Knight’ Porter


imageFresh off our last brewery tour we thought we’d stock up on some take-always before we left. Once we filled up the growlers we were told about these 946 mL cans which can be filled up with any of their beers then sealed with their own little canning machine. Don’t mind if we do!

Served in a beer tulip, the light black pour isn’t allowing too much transparency. Crowning it off is a 1 and a half finger tan head that eventually settles to an island of foam on top. Minimal lace. The aroma is slightly muted with a sweet, phenolic character emanating. Hints of earthy peat, dark chocolate, salt and licorice are also pushing through. We have been stewing hard over this, but as the beer warms there is a certain fruity sweetness that opens up….we think it may be either pomegranate or cherry. The mouth feel is as smooth as silk with mild carbonation. Medium body. Not a lot going on in terms of flavour, just the standard malts on the front palate, with it, very subdued hints of cocoa, coffee and roast that carry forward through the mid, leading to the dry, roasty finish. Like the rest of the flavour profile the 5.6% ABV is neither here nor there. Although the right foundations have been laid here it just seems to be lacking that knockout punch. Personally we’d love to see bigger roast, bigger coffee and chocolate balanced out with a bit of creamy vanilla etc. Not too bad.