Mountain goat Pale ale 2015


imageThis is an American style pale ale…using a variety of American hops to give a citrusy, piney and fruity flavour.

This drop is actually a spin off of their original pale ale that we first started drinking in Melbourne back in 1999. We loved it then and were gutted when the brew disappeared and seem to make way for the steam ale. We hope this beer brings back some memories! Poured into a half pint glass, there is very little/no head and very little carbonation to speak of. Dark golden in colour, there are mild aromas of malt, pine, and vegemite yeast. Some grapefruit also with a touch of tropical fruit like mango or passion fruit. Very smooth in the mouth, as the bitterness is quite contained. The body is light to medium and given the 5.2% alc vol, bang on with flavour. More carbonation felt on the lips, and the pine resin really is felt with the grapefruit also. There may be a pinch of spice in there also. The end feel is drying and refreshing. This is certainly a sessional ale. It’s simple and tasty. It’s not the most amazing pale ale and definitely not in the same league as other top notch Aussie Pale Ale’s like Bridge Road’s Beechworth, but it’s super drinkable.