Newcastle ‘Bombshell’ Pale blonde


image“If you’re trying to get people to buy a great-tasting summer seasonal beer, it helps to have an attractive woman on the packaging. Newcastle, the No Bollocks beer brand, understands this phenomenon. So it’s with great excitement that the makers of the popular Newcastle Brown Ale are bringing back the also popular Newcastle Bombshell Blonde Ale this summer, featuring a lovely swimsuit-clad bombshell on its packaging”.

Served in a shaker glass the clear golden pour produces a thin filmy head that collapsed instantly, leaving patches of scattered foam on top. Laced poorly. The aroma we are getting is somewhat peculiar as a milky/creamy perfume hits the olfactory’s. We’re reminded of a lager when a faint hint of grain and sweet malts come forward. It would really help the aroma if the Cascade hops could push through a bit harder but we’ll have to settle for a slight grassiness. Not the most memorable aroma we’ve ever encountered. In the mouth it’s very light on with a mild watery body and tired carbonation. Primarily, hints of marshmallow, sweet bready malts and mildly assertive hops are uncovered. The sweet malts move forward and literally drop off leaving a muted hoppy finish to the rear palate. The flavour profile is quite delicate and the bitter fore-flavour and back end aren’t backed up by much at all. Very sub-standard, it’s a strange one really..not big fans of this at all.