Nogne O ‘Aurora Australis II’ Port Barrel Aged Tripel


13417645_526941857489964_8735033148347618719_n“In Norwegian tradition alcoholic beverages are sent across the globe to benefit from the temperature variation and climate changes experienced when crossing the equator. This Belgian triple was brewed at Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth, Australia. Maturation took place in Australian port barrels on its journey to Norway. Blending and packaging was carried out by Nøgne Ø.”

Served in wide-rimmed chalice. The appearance is heavily clouded with an apricot hue. It’s covered by a one finger cap that gradually peels back to a halo with scarce lacing left on the glass. Some really pungent aromas emanating here – we can certainly get strong wafts of port from the barrel aging process this Tripel underwent. Furthermore we get a soft oaky tannin that works brilliantly in to this mild funky tartness. There are some fruity elements too – stewed apples, pear and apricot are all somewhat emphasized by a subtle alcohol burn on the olfactory’s. It almost has this sherry-like sweetness to it as well. Gorgeous, really complex but a delight to take in. The mouth feel is oily and slightly sharp. The 11% ABV doesn’t overplay its hand which is great because it allows the port tannins to wash over the tongue. Co2 is moderate and the body is medium. Drinks very nicely. Upfront we definitely detect those traditional Belgian candy sugars that marry together beautifully with light port notes and oak. Hints of caramel sweetness flow through the mid along with flavours of artificial fruits that lead in to a sweet fruity, tart and slightly spicy finish with a lingering alcohol warmth on the rear palate. Not a great deal of traditional Belgian Tripel characters here but the barrel aging in port barrels is a master stroke and really gives this beer its unique flavour and aroma. Far from a sessional drop but with enough flavour to sink a ship, this is a damn fine Tripel that’s tough not to enjoy.