Nogne O Baltic Porter


13590507_537587069758776_2265092693391756454_n“In this quite dark ale, dark malts provide flavors of coffee and dried fruit. Try with dark chocolate, cheese or red meat dishes.”

Served in to a snifter glass. The pour is expectedly black as night with a good two finger cap forming over the top. The head gradually reduces to a fine layer with patches of streaky lace left on the glass. Looks to be a perfect winter warmer. Wow, the first few whiffs of this is super heavy with strong aromas of roasted espresso, dark chocolate and prunes and or dates leading out. Earthy undertones of tobacco, leather, beef jerky, whiskey and wood combine to not only fill this baby out but hands it a brilliantly complex character to boot. Really moreish. For such a decadent and rich aroma she’s actually quite well tempered in the mouth. The texture is creamy with mild carbonation and medium body. ABV (7%) is buried well. Surprisingly palate friendly with a pleasant swallow. Basically the Vin Diesel of beers – tough on the outside but actually quite amiable in nature. The taste also enjoys a rich complexity as well. Kicking off proceedings is a delicious fusion of dark and roasted malts, cocoa, earthy fig and a subtle plummy sweetness that rolls in to a nicely roasted mid palate. A delicate hop bitterness creeps in as it leads in to a smooth, slightly dry yet malty finish with good duration on to the back end. There really isn’t a lot to say other than this Baltic Porter hits its mark well. Full in flavour with a dangerously drinkable texture. Lovely, complex and moreish characters throughout. Solid Porter.