Ocean Beach Brewing ‘Hazy Pineapple IPA’


imageGlassware: poured into a shaker glass.

Appearance: hazy, yellow cloudy apple juice with a 10mm max sudsy but light white head that drops away over 30 secs leaving a rim of soap like residue. Very faint small carbonation coming up the outside of the glass.

Aroma: definite whiffs of pineapple, melon, pine/splice, alongside citrus like some grapefruit and lemon. Has a grassy /herbal touch. Slight booze aroma.

Flavour: we now get more grains on the palate. Soft caramels but not too cloying. The grapefruit certainly is there, with orange and some mild lemon, alongside sweet pineapple, some papaya, spice. Definitely a mix of tropical and citrus with some pine and sugar.

Mouthfeel: we note the Alc vol of this brew sits at a very smashable 6% and it’s well blended. Bitterness is low to medium with mild spice tingle at the backend. Medium body. Carbonation is low also. Certainly has a drying effect of the palate…double dry hopped here using Azzaca and Cashmere¬†hops. As the can says..it’s a well rounded mouthfeel and each sips goes down well.

Overall: it’s a nice drop. Is it amazing? No. We get the pineapple and at least it’s hazy looking. We can say it’s better than some of the other efforts from this brewery. We would have again if we need to.