Ocean Reach Brewing ‘Painkiller’ Sour


“Our twist on the Painkiller cocktail. We’ve combined 4 parts pineapple, 1 part toasted coconut and 1 part orange. … Best served with some freshly grated nutmeg and a wedge of pineapple.”

Glassware: Stemmed tulip.

Appearance: Murky pastel orange with a short fluffy white head. Decent retention allowing a streaky lace down the sides of the glass.

Aroma: Super tropical. Oodles of sweet and tart citrus i.e orange, lemon and lime, ripe pineapple, coconut, sherbet, orange power and vanilla. As it settles the creaminess real begins to take shape, emphasising the coconut, vanilla and creamy pineapple. Really unique and summery…yet we’re drinking it in the middle of winter 😝

Flavour: Nice transition on to the palate. It brings over all of that sweet and tart citrus, pineapple and creamy coconut and vanilla. Super tangy…the orange citrus is really dominating. Getting more of the lemon and creamy lime late in the piece as it finishes fruity and slightly tart.

Mouthfeel: Light, crisp and clean. Mild-moderate acidity with reasonable pucker. 8% ABV! Very well concealed.

Overall: Far better than the train wreck we had a few weeks ago (oatmeal stout). This is punchy and full flavoured and definitely has the unique factor. We could only imagine how well this would go down on a stinkin hot summers day. Solid.