Omnipollo ‘Fatamorgana’ DIPA


imageGlass: Poured into a shaker.

Appearance: Pours a honey yellow with medium sized carbonation seen shooting up to the lack of head that formed. We are wondering if the glass is dirty?

Aroma: Very pungent tropical aroma of pineapple and passion fruit. We can smell it after pouring and the glass is a good 30cm away! Closer inspection reveals lychee, caramels, some booze, ripe orange citrus, and some spice on the nose. Delish.

Flavour: Very different from the nose. It’s a touch flatter than we expected in terms of tropical fruits. It’s got more citrus bitterness like grapefruits, orange peels, and mandarins. Certain pine and caramel malts blend very nicely the booze.

Mouthfeel: For 8% it’s relatively smooth. You can certainly taste the booze in this one, and it leaves a drying like effect on the palate. We thought it was a touch soft on the length and a medium to full body.

Overall: Nice DIPA. Not over the top, not too bitter from the IBU. Good Balance. Despite the mild watery mouthfeel, it’s was tasty.