Pirate Life ‘Loose Lips Sink Sink Ships’ Triple IPA


“First brewed for GABS back in 2016, Loose Lips Sink Ships is so gargantuan, you can’t say its name after drinking a pint of the stuff… To brew this 12% ABV Triple IPA, 2,000 kg of premium malted barley, wheat and oats (combined) are pumped into a 5,000 litre mash tun.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Bold amber with full transparency. It forms a fizzy three finger head which takes an age to reduce. Not much of it sticking to the glass though.

Aroma: Pow! Jeez it hits the olfactory’s like a freight train. Quite the malt bomb actually (don’t remember it being this sweet at GABS). The booze and malts combine and give off that real syrupy note initially and the sharp, piney and citric hops do their best to cut through it. Almost eye watering booze here. Holy moly.

Flavour: Nothing much changes unfortunately. It’s super sweet and malty – like it’s old or something – the hops are hardly evident. Extremely hot and bitter, pithy grapefruit rind through the middle shifting to a dry and warming finish with syrupy malt and burnt toffee on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Prickly, slightly astringent. Bitter AF! Well in excess of 100 IBU. Medium body with low-ish Co2.

Overall: Not liking it at all. Totally unbalanced, syrupy, harsh and boozy (OK we can forgive them for the latter…being 12% and all). What happened to the 2016 recipe? The one that was entered in to GABS?! Completely different beer.