Quiet Deeds ‘Hummingbird’ Hazy Double IPA


71713853_1178778182306325_7492607633698848768_n“Some beers are truly a labor of love. I think I can say with confidence that Hummingbird falls into that category. To quote Ned from the brewery, “Most of the low hanging fruit in the pastry stout game has been picked long ago.” And with that in mind, we put on our thinking caps and started spitballing ideas for our winter pastry offering. We went back and forth and the conversation had just started to lean towards making a pastry IPA instead of a stout when the Hummingbird cake suggestion (also Ned) popped up.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Super hazy pastel orange sporting a loosely packed thumb of white foam atop. It quickly dissipates and settles to the rim with little lace tracking it down.

Aroma: Strange but in a good way. Straight away we’re getting freshly cut lime. Come to think of it we’re getting that smell one gets when they pop their lime in to a freshly cracked bottle of corona. Strong wafts of zesty white wine like Riesling and Sauv blanc, marzipan, spearmint, tropical fruit, mixed spice and musk in support. Somewhat nutty as well. As we said before…strange but kind of appealing.

Flavour: Follows on from the nose. May we say that we don’t mind the smell of fresh lime and corona but the taste of fresh lime and corona is the pits. It almost has traits of a mojito at times. Unripened pineapple, acidic apple cider and white wine come together late and lead in to a dry and zesty finish which really lingers.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and relatively approachable for its size (9% ABV). Good weight and CO2. Low bitterness.

Overall: Honestly…not sure about this one. Yeah it’s nice and summery and we’ll give it points for being unique and somewhat fun but really it’s one of those beers we’d rather forget.