Red Oak organic pale ale


imageIt comes as quite a surprise to us that this is the first review we’ve ever done on this breweries extensive range of beers. It is a brewery we have visited at least half a dozen times and the very reason is stated proudly on the front of the bottle. It says “Australia’s most awarded brewery”. Never a truer word spoken.

So, we served this in a shaker glass. Our first thoughts we’re good as the amber appearance is boasting excellent clarity. The compacted head didn’t take too long to reduce down to a collar without much lacing to be seen. The brewers description of the beer is an English style pale ale and that is emphasised as we take in firm malt-forward wafts of biscuity malts that gel nicely with sweeter hints of caramel, honey, spice and whole grain. A floral hop perfume also lends suggestions of stone fruits and candied lemon. In the mouth it’s super smooth with a slightly thin texture. Carbonation levels are low and the body mild-medium. Plenty of malt sweetness is detected on the front palate, maybe a little too much though. Hardly any hop bitterness here as the sweetness carries forward through the mid. A very muted dryness is felt with hints of caramel and honey leading in to the uninspiring malty finish. As we near the end, any trace of foam has vanished leaving a slightly flat and visually boring beer. We must say,though, there are umpteen better beers on tap at the brewery in Sydney city. This one just missed the mark for us.