Riverside brewing co. ’69’ summer ale


Riverside brewing co 69 summer aleThese brewers from Parramatta in Sydney’s western suburbs have respectfully brewed their way into our top 5 best Australian brewers list.

Served in a shaker glass the attractive golden pour appears to show a slight cloudiness. Capping off the liquid gold is a 1 finger white head with good retention and lacing. The nose instantly emphasizes why we hold this brewery in such high regard with our very own Aussie Galaxy hops providing a damp and herbal hop forward aroma that excites the olfactory’s. Juicy wafts of tangerine, passion fruit, marmalade, pepper and wood also come together to produce this excellent aroma. In the mouth it feels a little light on but that’s to be expected for a summer ale. Moderate to medium body with a firm bitterness that takes hold around the mid-palate. Refreshing flavours of pine needle, eucalyptus and herbal hops begin in the front palate and last all the way to the finish. Really well balanced out by the grainy wheat malts. The 4.6% ABV only adds to this beers already high session ability. We’re amazed at how much character is packed in without going over the top, and don’t forget this is a light, sessional summer ale! Probably one of the best summer ales on the market. Well done.