Sauce Brewing Co. ‘Mega Hop Sauce’ DIPA


15871458_625573687626780_2138644703133599585_n“This was the first beer we brewed commercially and is a big favourite. Vienna and crystal malts for colour and balance, with a special mix of Calypso, Melba and Topaz hops, this is a big, resinous fruitilicious beer. Dangerously drinkable at 8.3%.”

Served in an IPA glass. This one pours a gorgeous amber hue with a gushing three finger head forming on top. It manages to retain beautifully, only peeling off a smidge and dispensing a thick lace down the walls of the glass.
The nose is chock-a-block full of dank, piney resins and cocktail-like tropical fruits. The 8.3% ABV plays a pretty solid role in boosting the overall intensity of the aroma. Quite a robust malt backing too – wafts of caramel and cookie dough hits a sweet note while heady tangerine and an almost flambèd orange note develops as it becomes settled in the glass. Lovely stuff.
In the mouth it’s medium bodied, moderately carbonated and gelatinous in texture. She’s not overly bitter even though it packs a bit with its 83 IBUs.
The flavour continues on from the nose with its booze-fuelled tropical fruits and dank pine resins. A bit of a clash between the bitterness and the sweet malts midway with the malts eventually giving way to the dry, bitter and piney hops to punctuate the finish. Some good length shown here as well.
Our intention isn’t to pan the Pale Ale here but this DIPA certainly shows it up. It’s got character, body, it’s aggressively hopped and pretty boozy. This is their go to beer.