Sauce Brewing Co. ‘Saucy’ Pilsner


26196259_795026020681545_4768615098067627598_n“Classic German pilsner with a hoppy new world twist.”

Served in a footed flute. Ever so slightly hazy with a golden hue. A big and puffy three finger head forms on top with good retention and heaps of thick, soapy lace as it subsides.
Getting lots of spicy straw lifting out of the glass. This pilsner is dry hopped with NZ motueka so naturally it offers bright citrus overtones – plenty of lime, lemon zest and grapefruit. Nice light malt structure at the base with its grainy, bready and slightly toasty profile. Super crisp and refreshing on the nose.
Really well balanced on the palate. Upfront there’s a healthy tussle between the light grainy malts and the citrus-forward hops. Hints of straw and hay come through the middle with a hint of peppery spice sitting on the tongue. The finish is crisp and snappy with a light bitterness on the back palate.
The texture is light on and effervescent. Mild-moderate body with an active 27 IBU. Co2 is precise. Really crush-able.
Pretty decent pilsner overall. Certainly in the new world style but still kept somewhat traditional with its German malt base. They’ve done a good job with this pilsner, probably one of their best offerings to date. Kudos Sauce.