Shark Island Brewing Co ‘Shark Island’ Pale Ale


11169554_446500452200772_798676010709644401_oThe Shark Island pale ale is our third entry and it’s this breweries signature beer. It’s somewhat becoming a style that’s being forgotten about these days and even though the brewers accept it they have a deep respect and love for the style and aim for it to be attractive and slightly dangerous but enough to leave you wanting to return for more.

Served in to a shaker glass. Pouring to an attractive honey-amber glow with lots of fine suspended sediment laced through. A short white head is propped up before it rapidly reduces to a halo with some spotted lace trails being omitted. The hop bill includes a combination of 2 Aussie hops – Topaz and Vic Secret and much like the Melba hop in the Summer Ale, they’re used effectively again here as we take in this kind of feature candied kiwifruit scent. Passion fruit also comes through gently as do subtle wafts of pine resin and herbs. Maybe an undertone of musk detected as well. Delicate but very aromatic. Good vibrancy in the mouth. The feel is light but a persistent bitterness (45 IBU) coupled with a sprightly Co2 level really sparks it all up. The 5.2% ABV is a little higher than the norm and certainly gives it some bottom end. Initially the palate offers up a healthy amount of stone fruit, passion fruit and a dash of grapefruit. The latter definitely adding to the assertive bitterness that carries it all forward through the mid. A grainy malt is introduced late midway leading on to a dry and slightly bitter finish with good duration on the tongue. This is a delicious Aussie pale ale. One for the hop lovers to session on but also a good step up from the weaker and less bitter pale ales we have on the market. The perfect beer to go for when you’re after a bit more bite from your beer (pun intended). Solid drop.