Sierra Nevada Beer Camp ‘Golden IPA’ Spring 2017


imageThis latest edition for the USA Spring incorporates the use of wheat malt for a light, dry finish and bold American and experimental hops for an intense citrus flavour.

Poured into a shaker glass we see an expected slightly hazy straw like colour with some carbonation, and no head whatsoever. Aromas of wheat malt, orange and lemon. First sip yields a sweetish malt tinge, with mild to moderate bitterness at best. Body is mild and slips off the palate like water. More flavours of orange peel, lemon, wheat malts, and mild caramels. There is mild to moderate carbonation on the tongue. No lacing seen at all on the glass. We were wondering what the Alc vol’s 6.5%. It’s apt for this type of beer. You get some hit of booze after each sip but it’s mild. This beer is super one-dimensional. Smells like it tastes. Reminds us of a cross between a Murray’s whale ale, and james squires golden ale with slightly more alcohol. To be fair the brewer’s have achieved what they wanted. It’s a hoppy golden ale, and it’s smooth and easy to drink. There is nothing else to say really. Not memorable but certainly serves a purpose for those who don’t like ‘hoppy’ beers.