Sierra Nevada ‘Narwhal’ Imperial stout


sierraNevada_narwhalAn interesting looking stout here, the label doesn’t show the usual plush green background with flowing rivers, instead a dark, ominous looking label that probably gives a good indication to what this stout will behold.

Served in a beer tulip at just below room temperature. The dense black pour whipped up a thick coffee head that holds well. Healthy lace. At 10.2% ABV it’s a ball tearer. Other than the overwhelming alcohol warming in the nostrils there is a rich, roasted coffee aroma that is backed up by hints of toasted malts, dark chocolate, peat and licorice. Mouth feel is actually quite smooth with mild carbonation. A vibrant IBU (60) lends extra character to the full bodied taste. As to be expected a big alcohol sting gets things underway. Following is a generous helping of roasted malts and chocolate that carry through the mid and finishes again, toasted but subdued by a soothing hint of vanilla.¬†We’re not too sure what ‘Narwhal’ stands for, our guess is either the tale of the deep sea monster on the label or….. rocket fuel. Our advice is if you don’t like your stouts really potent then stay away from this. If you’re feeling mighty adventurous then step right up. Decent offering.