Stockade Brew Co ‘Old Money’ 2017 Barrel aged bourbon Stout


imageWell it’s about time we got around to this. We have heard so much good stuff about it. So this drop has been aged in Kentucky oak barrels. It uses Cluster, Centennial, and Cascade hops and 4 different malts, including chocolate. It has an IBU of 28. Oh yeah..and its 12.5% Alc vol. Here goes…

Poured into a shaker we see impenetrable black with lots of tiny carbonation seen bubbling away. The head fades quickly leaving a tan rim. On the nose its rich and complex. We get roasted malts, bourbon, chocolate, dark stewed fruits, brown sugar/molasses, vanilla, and some espresso. Heaven. First sip is ridiculous. It’s so smooth and balanced. This is supposed to be 12.5%?! Warming bourbon surrounds the mouth. It’s surprisingly light on the palate. We were imagining this oil slick. Bitterness is really restrained and the sweetness of the chocolate just slow burns without being prominent. More flavours of vanilla, chocolate, bourbon, oak, booze, fig, and raisin. Got a lovely earthy base flavour. This must be the hops? Obviously low carbonation in the mouth. It’s definitely a sipper. A warming glow around the forehead tells me the 12.5% has registered. Just so well hidden. It’s right up there with the ramjet or Founders in terms of flavour and balance. As it warms up and we sadly near the end its just so oaky with bourbon, vanilla and dark fruits. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Will I go and buy another 4 pack because we are going to have another and I really should cellar these? Absolutely. Is it a 10/10 beer? Absolutely. Stockade Brew Co know how to brew a dark beer that’s for sure.