The Grifter Brewing Company


12990851_504636823053801_5176864572357575871_n 13002586_504636783053805_3335010170826632568_o Every State and city has them, if yours doesn’t: then move! Let’s start with the USA, they have the West Coast (and East Coast…the bastards!) The UK has North and North-East London, New Zealand has Wellington, W.A has Fremantle, Brisbane has West End, Melbourne has the whole bloody city and finally Sydney has the Inner-West. If you aren’t sure where we’re going with this we are noting all the craft beer hot spots around the world. The Inner-Western suburbs of Sydney are the suburbs Sydney siders flock to for their weekly tipple of locally brewed craft beer and The Grifter is the brand new addition. Situated just a short walk from Sydenham train station this large transformed warehouse features a big long bar with ample seating areas and off in the corner is a cool little carpeted area with a pool table. What’s better is, once this brewery grows and their patronage doubles or even triples they have more than enough room to fit more tables and chairs. Good thinking Sir!. A decent little selection is on offer here too: 2 Pilsner’s – a delicious new world Pils which is generously hopped with the finest New Zealand has to offer along with a watermelon infused one, which really wasn’t all that great. Their India Pale Lager is also pretty tasty – simple lager base but the addition of American hops gives it a lovely fruity character. The Pale Ale is literally a scaled back version of their brilliant west coast IPA (easily their best drop) and the ESB was good without being great. The surprise of the afternoon actually came from their “Landlord” Australian Old Ale which reminded us a lot of Lord Nelson’s Old Admiral – nutty and slightly dark with a robust malt base. And to finish was their decadent oatmeal stout, lightly roasted and packed full of chocolate malts and coffee. Probably our 2nd favourite drop. As it’s only new there is no kitchen but as all good craft breweries are doing these days, food trucks will no doubt come on certain weekends to offer assorted types of street food. We’d have to say we had a great arvo. The place has a good vibe with a rustic decor and more than enough staff behind the bar so waiting for beers is never an issue. It’s also very well situated, close to other craft breweries and just a short trip to Newtown where a long list of other breweries and craft beer bars are in abundance. Another decent brewery to add to the growing number of venues in the Inner-West. Onward and upward!