Tiny rebel brewing ‘dirty stop out’ smoked oat stout


image“Dirty Stop Out is our smoked oat stout that has all the characteristics of a heavy night out – complex, dark, with hints of smokiness and perfume aromas. A blend of 9 malts matched up with a firmly-hopped back bone make this a very self-assured stout.”

This is our first crack at this Welsh breweries range. This stout has decorated itself with a Welsh champions beer award in 2013. Poured into a tulip glass the appearance displays an opaque black with a 1/2 inch tan head that collapsed quickly without much lacing. The aroma is mainly offering roasted notes. Espresso, chocolate, malt, licorice, oats and caramel are the standout fragrances. Mild carbonation and a silky soft mouth feel. Body is about medium. Similar to the aroma, the flavour presents roasted characteristics. Initially espresso, oats and dark chocolate upfront is followed by a subtle espresso bitterness and a slight touch of aniseed in the mid-palate. Smooth roasted finish consisting of caramel, malt and espresso rounds off a pretty good beer. A modest 5% ABV may be the missing link in this otherwise tasty stout. Not bad at all. A very approachable stout with a tasty combination of flavours. Big ups to this quality Welsh brewery, it’s a good start.