TØ ØL ‘black Maria’ black IPA


imageYep, we’re back for yet another TØ ØL beer. If our memory serves us correct, we think this is about the 8th installment in about as many weeks.

Served in an IPA glass the jet black pour produced a frothy 2 finger tan head that retains really well. Thick blotchy lacing trails the liquid down. From the first sniff we know we’re in for something really complex. The initial aroma consists of a pairing of the worlds best hops (centennial, Columbus, galaxy & cascade) and roasted hints of espresso, chocolate and cocoa. It is mind boggling because the brewers have successfully made an amalgamation between fruity and resinous hints of pine, mango and lychee and bitter espresso, creamy chocolate and cocoa. Two polar opposites coming together in unity. Just amazing. Mouthfeel is slightly dry with medium carbonation. Full bodied. Just like the aroma the palate is a gorgeous tussle between fruity resinous hops and roasted coffee and cocoa. This battle goes on from start to finish and neither wins in the end, showcasing brilliant balance. The fact this beer was also aged in Chardonnay barrels adds an elegant touch, elevating the existing dryness and stone fruit flavours. The finish goes on for an eternity boasting outstanding length and leaving a subtle hint of lime. The 8.1% ABV is nowhere to be tasted which is remarkable considering its strength. This beer is absolutely exceptional, this review is already an essay and the thing is we could keep going but we’re going to stop now and say only this to you. Try it!