Van Diemen’s ‘ragged jack’ pale ale


image“Ragged Jack embodies a classic English style pale ale, invoking an earthy hop character packed with a flowery hop aroma. Traditional UK pale malt is used to create a medium bodied, very drinkable ale with refreshing crispness.”

Picked this one up from BWS in Hobart. Served in a standard house glass the cloudy golden pour conjures up a thin filmy head that falls away to a ring of foam around the edge of the glass. Not much lacing present. Gorgeous floral hop aroma consisting of pine, passion fruit and citrus. Only a mild pale malt backing with subtle hints of caramel, nuts and biscuit to balance. In the mouth it’s smooth, almost too thin with mild carbonation and moderate bitterness. Slightly earthy upfront with a fruity/resinous hop mid-palate. More of a malty finish with a modicum of nuts and some spice. So sessional. The low 4.2% ABV adds to its high drink ability. Simple yet tasty pale ale. We weren’t expecting much from this but overall we’re actually quite pleased with this beer.