Victory Brewing Company ‘Hoppy Quad’ Quadrupel


12804680_486987111485439_3336729997592625983_n“Bright and bold, the Trappist brewers who inspired this style of ale might marvel at the aromatic hints of citrus, resinous cedar and tropical fruit that flow from this special brew. Belgian-style fermentation and impressive American hops make this light bodied ale intense, inviting and entirely unique. Enjoy Hoppy Quad and Taste Victory!”

Uncaged, uncorked then served in to a beer tulip. Straight off the bat this Quad is already unique as we’ve never seen one pour a slightly hazy golden amber hue before. A healthy two finger head forms┬ábut recedes to a thick sheet as it draws coral-like lace down the walls of the glass. Blindfold us and we’d be sure we had a glass full of hop-charged IPA under our noses. Booze-fuelled notes of dank resinous hops and juicy citrus fruits like lime, grapefruit and orange all come gushing out of the glass. A reasonable pinch of pepper and aniseed and a sweet scent of candy sugar and it successfully reminds us of a good Belgian IPA. A Belgian Quad though? Not really. For a drop of its size (13% ABV) it actually has quite a smooth texture to it. The alcohol burn certainly provides a stinging heat but the progression down the throat is effortless and pleasant. Co2 offers a good vibrancy with the body weighing in around the medium mark. Overall, a dynamic and energized mouth feel. The flavour of this peculiar beer is on par, if not better than the aroma. A clean, hoppy front palate hastily transfers into a fusion of slightly yeasty funk and estery pear/apple. An assertive bitterness tugs on the tongue as complex notes of mango and cedar are lit up by the burning alcohol through the mid. The finish is dry, bitter and slightly spicy with an encompassing warmth from the ABV. Woah! There’s that much happening here that we’ve literally forgotten about this being nothing like an actual Quadrupel. But it’s hard to pan a beer when it’s so bloody tasty! OK, it’s not true to style at all but she’s packed full of flavour, aroma and body and it’s down right delicious. Kudos, Victory.