Wayward Brewing ‘Furious Gnome’ ESB


46505754_986744881509657_241970043615707136_n“A super smooth English Ale with a deep amber colour and aromas of biscuit, coffee and caramel. This style of beer is actually not especially bitter at all. Cool fermentation provides a clean finish which, alongside subtle hop bitterness. Perfectly balances the rich malt driven palate.”

Glassware: English pint.

Appearance: Deep amber with excellent clarity. It builds a finely beaded finger of head which persists and decorates the sides of the glass nicely.

Aroma: It offers a rich and sweet caramel malt profile which leads in to somewhat buttery and bready undertones. Really holding true to its English roots with its toasty, nutty, toffee and moreish butterscotch supported by more faint notes of gentle roast, biscuits and light florals. Certainly one of the better Aussie ESB aromas.

Flavour: Transitions nicely – really hitting that malt sweetness with perfection. It’s mostly caramel-driven but well layered with mild roasty notes, butterscotch, biscuit, nuts and a very delicate roast. Some floral hop character in there, again, staying true to its origins and playing 2nd fiddle. Finishes light, toasty and slightly dry with excellent length.

Mouthfeel: There’s a lifted co2 and AbV (5.6%) but otherwise it’s medium weight and low on bitterness (26 IBU) with a kind of creamy texture.

Overall: Really solid ESB…almost in Fuller’s territory. We recall trying this years ago at the brewery and being very impressed so we’re glad to see that hasn’t changed. This here is the real deal, without a doubt one of Australia’s best interpretations of an ESB