Birrificio Le Baladin ‘Super Bitter’ Belgian Ale


12186773_450006058516878_5530355264266500474_o“Super Bitter” it undoubtedly follows the current trend of bitter beers, but without taking it too far! Super Bitter has sure plenty of hoppy scents – given by the generous use of a particular type of American hops called “Amarillo” – but it remains true to its Baladin identity and strikes a perfect balance with notes of caramel, dried fruit (just a hint) and the bitterness of the hops. Super Bitter, just as its famous “big sister” (if not more), will entice you to spend time with others and socialize”

As this is a Belgian-inspired ale we’ll serve this in to a snifter glass. Deep amber body with a copper hue. Capping it off is a frothy beige head, roughly two and a half fingers that stands up nicely but eventually collapses in on itself, settling to a thick halo with a thin sheet of micro bubble on top. Struggles to retain any lace. Quite funky on the nose initially. A little acetic and a little sour. We do get a bit of citrus punching through but it’s more rindy with its sharp astringency. Some spicy herbal notes too, maybe tea leaf or aniseed? May be a hint of sweet toffee as well. A real mixed bag here. Nice, but a little too muddled. Very smooth in the mouth. We already have to question the “super bitter” that’s quite prominently stated on the label. At 35 IBU it’s hardly bitter. What it is, is light and a little frothy in texture. Mild-moderate in body and medium in Co2. Very welcoming. Flavour-wise, it opens up slightly sweet, slightly yeasty and a little fruity. Just a suggestion of bitterness carries it forward, picking up a kind of sugary orange note with it. The finish is light and fruity with only the slightest bitterness. Duration isn’t too bad. Look, there’s only one word that sums it up…confusing. It’s marketed as a super bitter beer but it’s hardly bitter at all. It’s light, sweet and yeasty. Points for getting the Belgian-style characters right but essentially it’s all a little cluttered. Average beer at best.