Birra del borgo ‘ReAle’ extra IPA


image“ReAle with lots of Extra Hops!
The hops are different especially in the quantities, what changes most though is the technique of using hops. All hops are used in the last 10 minutes of boiling, in an amount 3 times greater than the ReAle. The result is an explosion of citrus scents. In a dry mouth, It starts bitter then gives way to a beautiful hint of mandarin orange that is extremely persistent. Addictive!”

After many passes on this beer we finally said enough is enough and we picked it up off the shelves and bagged this odd, chimney-shaped Italian IPA. Served in an IPA glass the slightly hazy golden orange pour produced a thick 1 inch white head that retained. Laced really well. The aroma is absolutely gorgeous, with big hop-forward fragrances welcoming the olfactory. Initially, candied wafts of stone fruits, grapefruit, refreshing hints of pine needle, pepper and a dash of lime are balanced out by a toasty, biscuity malt backbone. Oh! We love a classy IPA! Really aromatic. In the mouth the texture was round and dry with medium carbonation. Medium body. Upfront, refreshing grassy hops and pine lay a platform for a bitter mid-palate displaying dominant grapefruit with a subtle boozy astringency. It finishes how it starts with invigorating pine and bitter hops. 6.9% ABV is only just evident in this considerably unbalanced yet, really enjoyable IPA. The old Italians have really pulled out all stops for this delicious offering. Big ups guys we’re glad we finally reviewed this beer. Good stuff.