Brookes American Pale Ale


image“Leave the world behind and chill out with a Brookes American Pale Ale. The style that launched a thousand craft beers remains the tasty, comforting best friend of all beer aficionados. With a golden visage and tingling citrus aroma, this frothy, welcoming brew is perfect for relaxing with friends and remembering the good times.”

This was another bottle we picked up from a random bottle shop in Bendigo. Poured into a shaker glass the appearance displays a dense, transparent amber-orange with minimal head and lacing. Aroma is quite subdued for an APA. Orange citrus and tangerine stand out the most. We could also pick up hints of lemon candy, resinous pine and passion fruit. There’s a strange sour tartness to the aroma which is quite unique for this style of brew. Mild-medium carbonation with a frothy mouth feel. Unlike the slightly subdued aroma the taste was much bigger. Upfront was a well balanced mix of resinous hops, malt and tangy orange. The mid-palate tapered off slightly but is revived by a lovely dry citrus finish. 5.2% ABV is perfect for this beer and compliments it even further. Really good micro-brewery this one, we had never heard of it until we took this trip to Bendigo. There hasn’t been one that we haven’t really liked so far. Big ups.